Overview of Services

The services we offer are frequently focused around any or all of pre-implementation, design and implementation phases of new product propositions, but also extend to shorter-term strategic advisory engagements. Our consulting services leverage our core-strengths of:

  1. A deep understanding of the Life Insurance market across multiple jurisdictions;
  2. Proven experience of product innovation and the taking to market of unique product propositions;
  3. Leveraging the power of technology to deliver complex investment solutions that demand operational excellence supported by a robust technology infrastructure;
  4. Expertise in complex financial derivatives and generic hedging solutions;
  5. Commercial negotiations.

Examples of the services we offer include the following:

Strategic Advice:

  1. Engagement at Board-level to help set the strategic agenda;
  2. Provision of market insights & analysis, product innovations & disruptive new trends;
  3. Facilitating the convening of expert panels.

Professional Business Training:

Please refer to our Professional Business Training page for further information.

Pre-Implementation services:

  1. Managing RFP activity to leverage our expertise and knowledge (these services are offered to both initiators and recipients of RFP requests);
  2. Conducting due diligence exercises on potential new partners;
  3. Input to project planning and timeline estimates.


  1. Participation in the detailed design and development of new investment propositions, covering the full spectrum of savings & investments, pensions & annuities;
  2. Providing detailed input to commercial negotiations with external partners;
  3. Expertise in structured derivatives, collateral arrangements & custodial services.


  1. Testing;
  2. Project management & Business Lead roles;
  3. Creating, reviewing and enhancing governance processes.

Specialist skills:

We can draw on a pool of talent that includes Derivative, Actuarial, Risk Management and Technology experts.

From an implementation perspective, our key skill and where we comfortably position ourselves as the market leading experts is in the implementation of iCPPI / Micro-CPPI / iTIPP projects (please refer to other sections of the website for more details on this disruptive new technology).