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“Product Insight: Zurich’s VarioInvest” by David Macdonald

April 2018 | Issue 3

In this article, our first Product Insight, we provide a short overview of Zurich Insurance’s most recent iCPPI product iteration in Germany.



“New developments in individualised hedging solutions” by David Macdonald

February 2018 | Issue 2

A high-level overview of a new technology-driven innovation to the (market-risk) hedging of individualised guarantees: from iCPPI to iOBPI.


iCPPI Glossary of Terms

September 2017 | Version 1.0

This glossary of terms has been written with the purpose of helping those less familiar with an iCPPI implementation become familiar with some of the terminology and acronyms commonly used by practitioners in this space.

Image for iCPPI Glossary of Terms








“The top-10 mistakes for an iCPPI implementation” by David Macdonald

August 2017 | Issue 1

A high-level overview of the key mistakes frequently encountered in a typical iCPPI implementation.

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Thinking Ahead

“Guaranteed Retirement Solutions” by David Macdonald

April 2017 | Issue 93 | pages 28 – 31

An updated version of an article first appearing in ‘The Actuary’ relating to iCPPI / Micro-CPPI and how Life Insurers are using this hedging technique to deliver retirement solutions.










The Actuary
“Tailoring Guarantees” by David Macdonald
Jan-Feb 2017 | pages 26 – 27

Article on iCPPI / Micro-CPPI and how Life Insurers are using this hedging technique to deliver unit-linked guarantees. Download the full magazine or read the online article available on The Actuary website, here.

201702 The Actuary