Socius Technologies

Socius Technologies Limited

Entity Name: Socius Technologies Limited

Company Legal Status:

Socius Technologies Limited is a private limited company, registered in England and Wales with company number 08496786.

Date of incorporation: 19th April 2013

Company Overview:

Socius is a Fintech company, whose core product offering is their iCPPI platform which currently powers a number of live iCPPI transactions across Europe.

Head Office:

13/14 Archer Street,


Twitter: @Sociustec

Contact Info for iCPPI discussion:

Alex Jackson
Company Director & Founder
E-Mail: moc.c1506163951etsui1506163951cos@n1506163951oskca1506163951j.xel1506163951a1506163951
Tel: +44 (0)7850 892 125

iCPPI Platform Metrics:

Independent Platform¹? Yes

Live iCPPI transactions? Yes

Means of accessing platform? Licensing Agreement

Templated legal documentation? Yes

Hedge providers signed up to platform? Yes

Hosting solutions? Can be in-housed to licensee or a full external hosted service provided.

¹Not tied to any distributor or hedge provider.